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In Business, Numbers Mean EVERYTHING

And believe it or not, the number that you probably look at most often – your bank balance – is not the most important one.

Because that’s not how your profitability is actually measured. It’s not the best indicator of the overall health of your business.

And it’s certainly not the optimum basis for good business decisions.

Because when you don’t value, understand or USE your actual financials for decision-making, your not getting the full picture.

An easy way to see if that’s what your business is doing is if you think your Accounting Team is a COST center, and not a PROFIT center.

Using your Accounting Team to make good business decisions, optimize profitability and reduce expenses leads to PROFITS. And a robust, successful business.

Getting to Profitability, Efficiency and the Information you Need to Make Decisions

If you’re that CEO, President or company leader, it’s not your fault if you’re not using your numbers to best advantage. Your job is to focus on growth and direction. 

And if you’re part of the Accounting Management Team it’s probably not yours either, because you were hired to “count” not to advise, analyze and create opportunities… and might not be heard if you tried.

We at ClientsFIRST Accounting Services help successful business owners improve their return on their investments. Investments of time, training and money. 

Whether it’s setting up financial system that enable the owner and management to better understand how they can maximize their earnings, or providing support in ways that will make their lives better by managing more effectively and efficiently.  

We have clients that tell us they didn’t know that’s what accountants are supposed to do.  Other stated that if they have us earlier, they could improve their outlook of their business and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

That’s why Don Tu started ClientsFIRST Accounting Services.

Because it’s almost always a more effective way to get a handle on your business’s money to bring in someone from the outside – outside the command structure, outside the politics, and outside the industry you’re in.

Our business philosophy is very simple, we will support you and your team in everything you need by bringing a solution for every issues you have.  It could be building up your team so you can have the right team member for the right initiative.  It could be training your currently team to think productively. The measurement of our success is YOUR success, period.”  Everything else is just noise….

Here’s how we can help:

First - we can BE your outsourced Accounting Department.

That can mean filling out your existing team with more people and more expertise. You’ll typically spend less than if you were to hire more of your employees and you get more for the money you invest in our professional staff.

Or that can be taking over 100% of your internal accounting functions. 

Second - we can be your expert advisors and solutions provider

Like we did for one company that was preparing their books for a sale of the business. After analyzing and correcting their financial statements we realized that they could have sold for millions of more dollars… and would have actually not sold at all.

Or for another business that operated on a literal cash business. Not just managing the business from their checking account, but they took in only cash payments.

For that company, we analyzed the counting process, deposit procedures, and streamlined their processes so they went from 6 people to just TWO for counts and deposits. That’s a homerun savings for both cash flow and overall profitability. 

In one local organization, we reorganized the company bonus structure so everyone was pulling in the same direction – and that made an immediate impact on not only their results but also the quality of the work environment. 

And what might be the most frustrating example – we helped one business to realize that their most popular product was actually LOSING them money. Once we did a deep dive into those 

Many, many times just digging into the financial statements for a company, sitting side by side with a CEO, CFO, or Accounting Manager, reveals opportunities for growth and increased profitability.

Third - Imagine...

That’s what it’s like to partner with ClientsFIRST Accounting Services to be your Accounting Department!

Here’s what to do NEXT

It’s EASY to get started – you don’t have to make any decisions, or mentally commit to anything but a conversation with someone that KNOWS numbers, operations and business in general.

Just take a few minutes to jot down your questions. Describe your goals. Get a picture of what you want to accomplish or how you think things can be better. Or even just what you want to LEARN about the company you run or work for. 

Then complete the form below or schedule a call with Don at 813-263-6016, both are free.